Fresh, cold pressed products from Igman Food Factory that specialize in producing the highest quality fruit juice, smoothies and other 100% natural products.  As premium juice manufacturer located in Tarčin, near Sarajevo in Bosnia, our customers include companies, retailers, restaurants, pharmacies in the domestic and international beverage and food service industry, who rely on our locally sourced fruits that are transformed without added sugar, water, artificial colors into juices, smoothies, immuno shots to produce consistent, great-tasting products.

We are proud to say that mountain fresh water that is coming from our own spring, is used in production of our juices only for washing our fruits, before they are cold pressed and filled into bottles without anything else added into it.

Our factory is positioned on 15,000m2 of land on the footsteps of Olympic mountains Igman and Bjelasnica, and is perfectly located in central Bosnia, where we bring apples, cherries, chokeberries, carrots, strawberries and other fruits from local suppliers. A majority of our fruit base are sourced locally and we are always looking for additional Bosnian growers to join our expanding supply base.

The concept of processing fresh fruit into our products without adding anything else into it, was adopted by Igman Food Factory, and remains to this day the primary focus of our thriving business. A promise to you and to us. Because health matters.


Igman Food Factory

Production, Igman Food Factory, Korča 53
Wholesale, Igmanska bb, Vogošća
Tel: + 387 33 431 290