• Our story begins with carefully picked fruits and vegetables, with the best smell and taste, which are used for manufacturing premium natural goods. Starting from raw materials as a base component we adopted the collection of high quality fruit and vegetable juices, jelly fruit goods, fruit purée and also an assortment of dried fruit.
  • Natural juices are without addition of water, sugar, artificial colors and aromas made exclusively by cold pressing of fruits or vegetables, or combination of both, keeping that way, the taste, color and smell of nature in our products. All products are without preservative, gluten, cholesterol, they are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and all components characteristic for fruit and vegetables, made with strict respecting of HACCP system principles.
  • We proudly emphasize that our complete manufacturing processes are equipped with high quality machines from world wide known brand “Kreuzmayr GmbH” from Austria, with which we classify ourself on the top of the processing industry of fruits in this area of Europe.
  • According to its business organization, Igman Food Factory is a food brand which uses latest nutricional cognitions to offer wide variety of high quality products with high proportion of fruits in its content. It is the biggest producer of juices and jello fruit products in whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Igman Food Factory follows the latest scientific trends when it comes to production of healthy food. We have established two main principles in our products:

-High quality

-Constant health care and a healthy diet.

  • We are proud to announce that we have the label “Safe bite”. As the only producer of processed fruits and vegetables in Bosnia and Herzegovina, thus acknowledging once again our work.



Igman Food Factory

Production, Igman Food Factory, Korča 53
Wholesale, Igmanska bb, Vogošća
Tel: + 387 33 431 290
Email: info@igmanfood.ba